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Sportybet Balance Adder 2022

Sportybet balance Adder also Known as Sportybet Money Adder Makes it easy for you to Topup Your SportyBet Balance without Going through their usual process of funding with Your Credit/debit Card “This is a Hack” .

Sportybet Balance Adder works For all the sportybet Supported Countries. 👇

How To Use Sportybet Balance Adder

To get started with sportybet Balance Adder, You must have account with If You are already Registered, You can login to your account.

Be sure You have Your SportyBet Phone Number Readily available. Open Your SportyBet Balance Adder App

Select Your Registration Country From the List “Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania”

Fill in Your SportyBet Phone number correctly without adding country code, Then select Your SportyBet registration country.

Copy the Sportybet Funding Url Below and enter it in the Box required.

Having filled the Box, kindly hit on the Fund Now button and wait for it to process.

Once the Next Page Pops up, enter your Authentication Phrase/Code. You can purchase yours if You are yet to get yours.

Once Your Transfer Shows Successful, you can then confirm it from Your SportyBet Wallet.

Remember You can only use the App once a day and the highest funding You can add per day is 100,000Ngn. Use the equivalent in any other country as your limit.

Sportybet Authorization Phrase/Code

This is the Code Used to authorize every of your transfer. Without it, Your Transfer can’t be funded successfully.

The good news is that, You only Buy it once for lifetime. And the bad news is “You can’t share your Authorization Phrase with others. It won’t work unless on one device where it’s first used.

If You must use it on other devices then you must change device completely.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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GORD · July 7, 2021

Please I need the Authorization code

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ZTG · July 5, 2021

Please where do I purchase the authorisation code

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Fcstarboy · July 5, 2021

Please I need the authorization phrase asap

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old ciza · July 4, 2021

I wrote to you guys on WhatsApp but there is no reply... I am ready to purchase the code. Where can pay for it? Let me know. Time is running out. This is July.

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Bond · July 1, 2021

Please how can I get the code for a lesser amount

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Emmanuel · July 1, 2021

I need money

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Jones Cartz · June 29, 2021

Boss. Am Here to Say thanks for making everything so easy. It pain me I did not see your Page on time however we bless God for everything

Your services are awesome

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Anonymous · June 28, 2021

Some people are using this to scam people

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Sportybetadder · June 29, 2021

@Anonymous, that's Why you need to Purchase from US to avoid getting scammed. Here's our official website

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victor · June 28, 2021

Me need code o

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